Summer of 1972

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The idea of formation of KOA was started by Dr. H.K. Srinivas Murthy in summer of 1972 with Dr. T.D. Ram and Dr. J.S. Hegde as conveners. A series of meetings of handful of orthopaedic surgeons was called at Bangalore. Dr. M.Y. Rai was elected as the first President of the Association and Dr. J.S. Hegde as the Secretary. The first annual conference was held in the year 1974 at Bangalore. Dr. M.Y. Rai and Dr. J.S. Hegde continued as President and Secretary. In the year 1976 Dr. V. Chako of Manipal hosted the second annual conference at Manipal on a grand scale.

In the year 1978 under the leadership of Dr. A.M. Kulkarni, rejuvenation of the Association was brought about by a handful of orthopaedic surgeons at Hubli. With Dr. A.M. Kulkarni as President, Dr. B.S. Kanaka Reddy as Vice-President, Dr. J.S. Hedge continued as Secretary of the Association. Dr. V.D. Sapare was Organising Secrertary of the Conference. A few changes in the bylaws were made. KOA was registered in the year 1982-83 under Dr. H.K. SrinivasMurthy's regime.