Dr. Aswani Kumar Singh J..jpeg

Dr. Aswani Kumar Singh J.

President - KOA

Respected seniors  and my dear  Friends,

I am honoured and privileged for this opportunity to address you all on behalf of Karnataka Orthopaedic Association.I took charge as president at the AGM held at Ballari on 5th of March.

My theme for this year is

"Mobile life is healthy life".

Mobility plays a massive role in the quality of life of an individual.We will focus mainly on maintaining mobility and preventing disability which would enable people to enjoy a pain-free life.

We will also assure equal opportunities in academics and surgical training across the whole state by breaking all the barriers and differences.

Hopefully we will be able to reach every place in the state with the guidance of seniors and leaders in our field and propogate the current standards of orthopaedics in the form of CME , lectures, hands on training & webinars.

IOACON 24 will be held in South Zone. On behalf of KOA,we have resolved to bid for it after a gap 16years to conduct it at Bangalore. I request each and everyone to work hard towards getting the conference to karnataka. If we ensure 2 extra votes (from other states) apart from your vote, we will sail through easily. 

We are passing through a new and unprecedented experience of a pandemic that shook the world but the resolve our society has shown to fight and overcome these adversities have been extraordinary.

Hopefully and God willing we are through the rough times.

Even in these difficult  times KOA has continuously made innumerable contributions towards academics ,research and training of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Post Graduate Residents across Karnataka in the form of Webinars and Virtual meets. 

I like to thank the  previous Presidents and office bearers for making this happen with their innovative ideas during this period.


Dr. Bharath Raju.jpeg

Dr. Bharath Raju G.

Secretary General - KOA

Respected Seniors and Dear Friends,

Greetings from the KOA Secretariat.

I have completed my first year in office as the Secretary General of KOA. As the famous author Alexander Elle said “Work Harder than you did yesterday”, I will strive to work harder.

I hope the dreadful pandemic which changed everyone’s life will not bother us again and we should be able to resume the normal activities of the association this year onwards. 

KOA is bidding for the prestigious 69th Annual Conference of Indian Orthopaedic Association - “IOACON 2024” at Bengaluru. We request all the KOA and IOA members to campaign and support KOA in this endeavour.

I’m thankful to the District Chapters of KOA for actively conducting CMEs and Workshops. I request all of them to update the KOA Secretariat regarding the same. 

The strength of an association are its members, I request all the members to urge their colleagues and juniors who are not yet members of KOA to become members. The number of IOA members from Karnataka is far less than the existing KOA members, I urge the KOA members who are not IOA members to apply for IOA Membership.

The KOA Website is redesigned and is  made interactive, along with a page for Job and Fellowship openings. I request the members to register in the community page and utilise the features for interaction and updation of their details.

The suggestions and views of the members are always welcome. The members can contact me via Phone / WhatsApp / Mail. I assure to address your issue at the earliest.

Ken Blanchard a motivational speaker has said “Asking for other's guidance helps you see what you may not be able to see. It's always important to check your ego and ask for help." I seek the kind support and cooperation of all the members in building a strong association.

Long live KOA.

Best Regards,
Dr. Bharath Raju G.