Dr. Chandrashekar H.jpg

Dr. Chandrashekar H.S.

President - KOA

Dear KOA Members, 


I sincerely hope all of you are keeping well.

Before I proceed, with a heavy heart I convey my heart felt condolences to all those who have lost thier kith and kins.

At the same time my deep appreciation goes to all of you front line warriors serving while taking a mighty risk.

However the activities should go on and I am happy to share my views through our website.


While it is difficult to meet in person and while all activities have become virtual, I am sure this website gives you all the necessary information. 


I have requested the webmaster to make this website foolproof and put in all details and make it user friendly so that there is no confusion. 


Hope this pandemic ends soon and we all come out of these terrible times and meet in person. 


Friends as you all know my Presidential Theme is “PERFECTION THROUGH PRECISION” with the aim to improve the quality of surgery in the 2 tier and 3 tier cities. With this interest I started the fellowship programmes by providing free accommodation so that they would get an opportunity to assist our surgeons.  We have included Arthroplasty, Spine, Trauma, Sports Medicine and Paediatric trauma.  I am sure this would really help them.


Apart from that we are conducting periodic seminars/webinars, trying to get the best of national and international faculty. Also we are conducting various workshops, like Acetabular, Hand, Foot, Ankle, Spine, Elbow, Shoulder etc.


I request the young surgeons to make use of all these facilities.


Please take care, and hope we can all meet physically for the future conferences.


Dr. Bharath Raju. G Secretary General.jpeg

Dr. Bharath Raju G.

Secretary General - KOA

Respected Seniors and Dear Friends,

The famous British Mathematician and Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said "No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude”, I am humbled and honored by the faith you have reposed by unanimously electing me as the Secretary General of Karnataka Orthopaedic Association.

I will strive hard to work for the association and live up to your expectations. I request the active participation and guidance of all the members in this endeavor. We will be organizing a series of academic, awareness and social activities involving all the members, once we tide over the pandemic situation. I request all the District Chapters and Teaching Institutions to update the KOA Secretariat of the activities (Academic/Social/Cultural) conducted by them.

The strength of an association are its members, I request all the members to urge their colleagues and juniors who are not yet members of KOA to become members. The number of IOA members from Karnataka is far less than the existing KOA members, I urge the KOA members who are not IOA members to apply for IOA Membership.

The KOA Website will be more informative and interactive in the days to come. I have been contemplating on having a Mobile App for the association, housing:

• Member directories.
• News feeds.
• Event calendars and management.
• Group discussion.
• Sponsorship directories.
• Online elections.


The suggestions and views of the members are always welcome. The members can contact me via Phone / WhatsApp / Mail. I assure to address your issue at the earliest.

Looking forward to your kind support and cooperation in building a strong association.

Long live KOA.